Introducing... the AntiTouch Tool

Hello all!

After the success of launching our Reusable Masks a few weeks ago, we've had many of you asking if we could make more products to help you keep safe during this time. The request we've gotten the most by far was for an EDC tool to protect you from shared surfaces while out and about.

Well, we listened.

Today, we are happy to announce that the AntiTouch Tool is LIVE on our store and SHIPPING NOW!

  • Protect your hands from germs or viruses covering high-touch surfaces
  • Open door handles without touching them with ease
  • Gold-plated surface is antibacterial and antimicrobial preventing the growth and spread of unwanted germs
  • Push buttons on elevators, gas pumps, and ATMs without worry
  • Interact with pressure touchscreens using the stylus-inspired tip
  • A beautiful everyday carry addition to your keys, bag, or pocket

Stay safe, family!

- Steve, Jake, and the Airo team