The Four Pillars of Airo Collective

Hey, Steve & Jake here, founders of Airo Collective. When we started Airo Collective, we both agreed that we wanted to create products that were rooted in (1) imaginative design, (2) expanded functionality, (3) innovative materials, and (4) increased sustainability.

We call these our Four Pillars. By having these Four Pillars as our foundation, we have the freedom to make any product we want and still feel confident in its value.


We aren’t afraid to push boundaries when it comes to design - from Stealth Wallet’s patent-pending offset card slot design to the never-before-seen Exo design that uses your cards to provide structure to the wallet. The status quo just doesn’t interest us.


We love to take everyday products you already carry and expand the functionality to a degree you didn’t think possible. The Stealth Razor Wallet is literally thinner than a razorblade yet holds 8 cards and cash - all possible through better engineering.


We’re constantly traveling the globe on the search for the cutting edge in material science. For the Stealth Razor Wallet, we used a military-spec ballistic material that is 15x stronger than steel and thinner than a razor blade. This next-gen material is the same stuff in body armor used by the military & law enforcement and keeps your Stealth Wallet from stretching, tearing, breaking, or wearing out.


We are only interested in creating products that have as low of an impact on the environment as possible and will last you a very very long time. For example, the tannery our leather comes from is certified by and a leader within the Leather Working Group for sustainability-focused water use and environmental best practices, every hide used is a byproduct of the meat industry, our wallet manufacturing is done in California under the strict manufacturing and ethical standards of the state, and our ballistic strength material delivers the lowest carbon footprint per unit of strength out of any soft material, organic or inorganic.