The best minimalist wallet for 2020

We tested more than a dozen of the most popular and interesting designs on the market. Here's what we found...

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The Best Men’s Wallets to Gift Or Get For Yourself

A wallet is more than just a place to keep credit cards and cash. It’s an unexpected window into the soul of the man who owns it—is it a bifold or

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AIRO Collective: Wallet Game on Point

Sure, we get it. You have tons of cash and even more plastic in that wallet, that your baller status is at an all time high. We also understand that when you put..

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Military-Grade Stealth Wallet Brings New Meaning to Slim

The stealth Wallet is said to be the thinnest and strongest wallet ever made. It’s made from a military-spec ballistic material that is 15x stronger than steel

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Razor-Thin Card Wallets

The 'Stealth Wallet' is an ultra-thin accessory that aims to keep all of your essential payment cards and cash securely stored...

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Stealth Wallet made from body armour material

Steve Schmidt has designed and created an ultra-thin super strong wallet aptly named the Stealth Wallet. Constructed from material 15 times stronger than steel...

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Stealth Razor Wallet

Place the Stealth Razor Wallet in your back pocket and hardly notice it’s there thanks to its ultrathin design...

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Airo Collective Stealth Wallet

A bifold that’s as tough as body armor but chic enough to carry with a suit? The Stealth Wallet steps up..

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Airo Collective Stealth Razor Wallet: What We Really Think

Maybe it’s Marie Kondo fever that drew me to the successful Indiegogo campaign by Airo Collective. Maybe it’s that I’ve been searching for the perfect slim...

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This Impossibly Thin Bifold Doesn't Ask You to Pare Down Your Card Collection

In the ever-escalating arms race to create the thinnest wallet that’s actually useful, a new combatant has emerged...

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The 13 Best Wallets of 2019

Welcome to Buy Choice, in which we pick one everyday item, cut out all the noise, and present you with nothing but the best options on the market...

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Uncovered: New Products

Notes: As EDC gear flourishes, so too have clever new wallet designs using new materials and ideas to replace the tired, bulging billfold...

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The Modest Man

Airo Collective Stealth Wallet Review

Sustainably made and engineered to last, the Airo Collective Stealth Wallet has a nearly perfect design for anyone that carries cards and cash.

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James R.

How Thin is Too Thin?

I love carrying this wallet around versus my other “slim” wallet. It doesn’t cause me to sit uncomfortably anymore, and it seems super strong so far! So long as it lasts this is a great wallet!

Kirk A.

Awesome Wallet

I have been searching for the best thin wallet and this one put them all to shame. Super thin, tough, and just enough room for everything needed.

Michael H.

Great wallet!!

Very thin with eight cards and money, and you can easily access any of the cards without having to struggle with card slots like most wallets.