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We’re Steve & Jake, the founders of Airo Collective. We design high-quality products built for adventure, durability, and extreme functionality.

We design high-quality products built for adventure, durability, and extreme functionality.

Whether you’re heading to the boardroom or to the beach, flying on a plane or jumping out of one, commuting downtown or hiking Half Dome, live your life in freedom.

We are a product and design collective utilizing the most advanced tech, the greatest materials that laboratories and nature have created, and the latest engineering to rethink the stuff we carry.

We design high-quality products built for adventure, durability, and extreme functionality.

Why’d we start it?

Five years ago, Steve broke his back riding BMX. During recovery, he realized sitting on his thick wallet was causing serious back pain. So he took it out and set it by his hospital bed. Next thing he knew, it was gone!

That got us thinking… what we carry every day has not kept up with the times.

Steve set out to change this and founded Airo Collective in 2016 with Jake joining soon after. We poured years into research and development to develop our first product: the Stealth Wallet.

At the beginning of 2019, we pressed the launch button on Kickstarter and 9.5 hours later, we reached our goal. By the end of the crowdfunding campaign we had raised over $600K from over 11,000 backers around the world in more than 39 countries.

But Stealth Wallet was just the start, we have many more products in the pipeline that are going to raise the bar for everyday carry. Because we are committed (and a bit obsessive) to design products using cutting edge and ultra-high quality materials.

We also believe in business for good.

We make the sustainable choice in materials whenever possible and do our best to engineer products that last longer.

We are also proud to give 3% of profits from every purchase to nonprofit organizations and causes that do good in the world by providing humanitarian relief or building resilience in local communities.

Thank you for helping make a difference and welcome to the Airo Tribe.

Stay strong,
Steve & Jake

Meet our team


CEO, Founder & Inventor


Steve is the Founder and CEO of Airo Collective, the startup on a mission to recreate the things we carry. Formerly a leader of students as a teacher and pastor, Steve has always thought of ways to help people through innovation, design and engineering. He's a lifelong inventor (his family would say more of a mad scientist?) and assisted in building and designing the largest BMX park in Northern California and has been a founding race team member for Kinetic Cycle since 2009. He loves the outdoors and is also a National Champion gold medalist mountain biker with USA Cup wins.


COO, Co-Founder


Jake is the Co-Founder and COO of Airo Collective, the one who keeps the trains running and on time. Jake previously planned and ran operations for a firm in San Francisco managing a portfolio of ~$200m in real estate. Jake is passionate about the beautiful design, the outdoors, and eating amazing food. He loves woodworking and exercise of all kinds and spends a lot of his time in the gym, on a trail, on a bike, in the water, or on a basketball court. He is also a 3rd Degree Black Belt in TaeKwonDo - so his friends are always glad to have him around when traveling.