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  • 20-in-1 Tool
  • Ultra-Light
  • Minimalist Design
  • Laser Etched Titanium
  • Lifetime Warranty (Limited)


20-in-1 Tool Features

  1. Flat Head Screwdriver, Tire Valve Stem Opener, Zip Tie Release, Pill Splitter
  2. Carabiner Clip, Carry Mount for Bag, Wrapped Electronics Organizer
  3. Emergency Rubber O Ring, Phillips #2 quarter inch: Magnetic Screw Drive, Concave Roundover File
  4. Extra Fine Nail File, General Purpose File
  5. Bottle Opener, Fingernail Cleaner
  6. Fishing Line Cutter, Paracord Cutter, Pencil Sharpener
  7. Phillips #1 Screwdriver, Emergency Single-Prong Food Utensil, AWL
  8. Wire Stripper 10-20, Staple Puller, Plastic + Light Use Pry Tool, Emergency Divot Tool
  9. Slot/Butterfly Wrench
  10. Flat Head Screwdriver #3, Can Tab Opener, Tape Cutter/Box Opener, Lottery and Gift Card Scratcher, Orange and Citrus Peeler, Scoring Tool
  11. General Purpose/Single Hatch File, Standard Ruler, Metric Ruler (Reverse Side), 2 Inch Straight Edge
  12. 6 MM HEX
  13. 8 MM HEX
  14. 10 MM HEX
  15. 12 MM, HEX Paracord Bridge/Line Combine
  16. 1/4" Drive/Hex (Fits Phillips Drive Held By O-ring)
  17. Flat Head #2 Screwdriver, Tire Iron
  18. Card Scraper, Sticker Remover
  19. Lanyard Hole, Keychain Hole
  20. 3.2-3.3 MM Spoke Tool, lightweight Wire Bending Tool


The ONETool is a single light-weight titanium tool about the size of a key designed by creative minimalists to do it all. The ONE Tool is reliable and versatile all while staying ultra-light.


Made from laser etched titanium, the ONETool weighs in at 6.4 ounces (17.5 grams) making this tool uniquely suited for ultra-light backpacking, biking, sailing and more.

Lifetime-Warranty (Limited)

The ONETool is made to last. We offer a lifetime warranty on any normally used ONETool purchased from us here at Airo Collective.

Laser Etched

The ONETool was thoughtfully designed using Titanium which has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal making the ONETool ultra-light and heavy duty.

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