Do Stealth wallets fit international currencies?

Our Stealth Wallets fit bill currency dimensions up to 2.72 inches wide/tall (69 mm) and 7.14 inches long (181 mm). US Dollars and Australian Dollars fit perfectly. Canadian dollars are a bit snug but do still slide in and out (we tested). We hope to offer wallets that fit currencies of larger dimensions soon in the future.

Are the Stealth wallets really the slimmest in the world?

TL/DR: We believe so, yes! There are many, many wallet companies that claim to be the thinnest in the world but have thick materials or minimal capacity, hence our whole reason for existing. As the Stealth Razor wallet is about a third of an inch thick when full, and since the Stealth Leather wallet comes in at .43 inches at full capacity with 8 cards and 4 bills, they are definitely the thinnest. So thin, even chiropractors have said our wallets help with reducing back pain.

How are Stealth wallets so thin?

A magical combination of radically innovative (and patent-pending) engineering, standards of excellence so high we measure materials in fractions of a millimeter thick, and a mostly healthy obsession with technical textiles. We built this as much for ourselves out of real frustration as for anyone else.

Do the Stealth wallets block RFID scanning theft?

Yes! All Airo Stealth wallets feature RFID-blocking material to keep you, your identity, and your sensitive data safe from unwanted intrusions and theft. Feel free to take adventures without concern for payment data security.

When will I receive my Stealth wallet?

Your order will ship the next business day. Shipping time depends on the option you choose.

Is the Stealth Razor wallet waterproof?

The Stealth Razor wallet is made of water-resistant ballistic material, but cash and cards will still get wet if fully submerged. Allow the wallet’s interior to air dry if it’s ever submerged completely. If it ever gets dirty and needs to be cleaned, wipe it down with a wet cloth just like you would a table top and let it air dry. Our team member Jake ran the Honolulu marathon with his Stealth Razor and he sure got sweaty!

Does the Stealth Razor wallet float?

The Stealth Razor may float or slowly sink depending on how it’s filled with cards and bills. If it is submerged in water and needs to be dried out quickly, remove cards and bills and pour out any water initially trapped in the card slots. Air drying is always best and doesn’t take long.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally and ship to all countries except the following: Comoros, Grenada, Honduras, Iran, Libya, Mayotte, Moldova, Montserrat, North Korea, North Macedonia, Russia, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Somalia, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Syria, Timor-Leste, Turks & Caicos Islands. We have two international shipping options: Standard International Delivery Duties Unpaid for $10.00, and Passport Priority Delivery Duties and Taxes Pre-Paid that automatically calculates the customs taxes and includes them in your shipping cost total.

Are Airo wallets made in the USA?

All Airo Collective Wallets are designed, prototyped, and tested in California, USA. Our innovative materials come from all over the world, and most manufacturing is in the USA as well. At this time, the Stealth Razor, Stealth Carbon, and Stealth Diamond are made in the USA, and the Stealth Leather is made in a top-quality, vetted partner factory in Asia.

How long will Airo wallets last?

The Airo Collective team designed our wallet line after growing frustrated with the poor wearing of the stitching, tearing, and stretching of other wallets. We design our wallets to buck the trend and actually last through regular everyday use - better for you and better for the planet. We aim to make wallets that last longer than any other minimalist wallets on the market. Period.

Do you have a guarantee or warranty?

Stealth Wallets: We are proud to offer a two-year manufacturer's workmanship guarantee for every wallet under normal, intended use.

How sustainable are Airo Stealth wallets?

We embrace the cradle-to-grave philosophy of sustainability from design all the way to the end of the wallet’s life-span by using the most sustainable and ethically-made materials available, the fewest materials possible for the smallest footprint, and the strongest materials feasible to make better products that last longer. In every opportunity, we make the more sustainable choice.

Where does the leather come from in the Stealth Leather wallet?

Every leather skin used is a byproduct of the meat industry. We source our top quality hides directly from a luxury tannery in Italy (home of the best leather worldwide). The tannery is certified by and a leader in the Leather Working Group, and their production is certified as complying with the environmental standards set by ISO 14001.

Corporate responsibility?

At Airo Collective we believe that we can make a radical difference in the lives of the world through business. Founded in 2015, we understand the importance for you to support and buy products from a company driven to operate responsibly in all that we do. It’s not just the right thing to do to act humanely, environmentally, and financially responsible - it’s the only thing. Our products are dreamed up in California for the global citizens of planet Earth.

Will the Airo Stealth wallet fit business cards?

Our card slots are engineered to fit all cards the dimensions of a credit card. Any smaller-sized cards should work fine but would not be dimensionally tight when stacked in the card slots. Larger cards like US-sized business cards are typically too wide for the wallet to fold flat when closed, but standard international business cards fit perfect. You can purchase international-size business cards easily from companies like Moo.

Will the card slots stretch out over time?

We have all dealt with the frustration of the card pockets in leather wallets stretching out over time and cards getting looser. Because the material used in Stealth Wallets was designed for military and industrial applications, there is only a 3% stretch factor, which is nearly imperceptible in the card slot. Normal leather can stretch up to 75-100%, so you will see almost no stretching comparably.

How does the cash bungee not curl or pull on the inner corners of the wallet? Is the cash bungee as durable as the rest of the material?

The material we selected for the cash bungee loop is the optimal balance between its necessary percentage stretch factor and resistance to fraying/wear and tear (high denier). Because of the patent-pending offset card slots, once at least one card is placed in each slot, the wallet is firm from edge to edge when folded shut and stabilized when open, and this unique layout holds the bungee in place.