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James R.

How Thin is Too Thin?

I love carrying this wallet around versus my other “slim” wallet. It doesn’t cause me to sit uncomfortably anymore, and it seems super strong so far! So long as it lasts this is a great wallet!

Kirk A.

Awesome Wallet

I have been searching for the best thin wallet and this one put them all to shame. Super thin, tough, and just enough room for everything needed.

Michael H.

Great wallet!!

Very thin with eight cards and money, and you can easily access any of the cards without having to struggle with card slots like most wallets.

Why Airo Collective?

Unbelievably Strong

From our Stealth Wallet that’s 15x stronger than steel to Airo Glass that can protect your phone from a hammer, our products can take a beating.

Engineered to Last

From the material to the manufacturing, we made sure every aspect of our products were designed, engineered, and chosen to stay strong and durable for a very very long time.

Cutting Edge Materials

We’ve traveled the world to source materials on the cutting edge of material science. Our materials are the same used in body armor, vehicle armor, motorcycle gear, cut-resistant gloves, mining & tow ropes, and air cargo nets in the military.

Obsessed with the Details

When it comes to design, we’re obsessed with the details. For our wallets, we developed a never-before-used Exo design (patent-pending) that uses your cards to provide structure to the wallet. For our Airo Glass, we designed it with edge to edge coverage, scratch resistance, and a smudge-resistant nano-treatment, to name a few.

Steve & Jake

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