Stealth Wallet | Razor

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Stealth Wallet | Razor

$55.00 Regular price $65.00

The World's Best Ultra-Thin & Strong 8 Card Wallet

  • 15x stronger than steel
  • As thin as a razor
  • Holds 8 cards and cash
  • RFID protection

Unlike other thin wallets, Stealth Wallet was made to last and was built to be practical and durable. It can carry 8 cards at a time, is RFID protected, and has a ballistic bungee loop to easily hold & slip in cash - all while being ultra thin. Best of all, Stealth Wallet stays ultra-thin even after stuffing it with cards and using it overtime.

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Introducing the Stealth Wallet - the thinnest, strongest wallet ever made.

Unlike other thin wallets, Stealth Wallet was made to last and was built to be practical and durable.

It can carry 8 cards at a time, is RFID protected, and has a ballistic bungee loop to easily hold & slip in cash - all while being ultra thin.

Best of all, Stealth Wallet stays ultra-thin even after stuffing it with cards and using it overtime.



Five years ago, I broke my back riding BMX. During recovery, I realized sitting on my thick wallet was causing serious back pain. So I took it out and set it by my hospital bed. Next thing I know, it’s gone!

Maybe bulky wallets don’t make your back hurt, but they sure are uncomfortable and extremely ugly in your pocket (unless you like having a tumor on your butt). 

Sure, you can put it in your front pocket - but unless you’re looking for a confidence booster, having a bulge in the front is not very appealing either.

So enter in thin, minimalist wallets... 

When I looked into the options for minimalist wallets, I immediately saw problems. 

First off, the wallets weren’t even thin enough - especially after putting in cards! They still created bulge and, at least for me, still gave me back pain!

Next was the durability. All the wallets I found were cheaply made and wore down easy. The pockets would stretch (making it bulky), the seams would rip, the material would degrade. Within a few months, I would have to replace them.

Last, and this was the most difficult, they didn’t carry enough cards. Each wallet company kept telling me that 1 or 2 cards was more than enough for my needs. They would even say there was a “bonus” 3rd and 4th card slot. Seriously? 

I had to constantly switch out cards for my needs and even misplaced my ID a few times! Not to mention, I couldn’t carry any cash.


I needed a wallet that was ultra-thin, even when full, strong enough to hold up to my active lifestyle, and made to last.

So me and my team went to search for the most advanced technical materials science had to offer. The wallet material had to be super thin, ridiculously strong, ultralight, and sustainable.

We also developed a never-before-used Exo design that uses your cards to provide structure to the wallet - eliminating internal layers that add unnecessary thickness.

After countless designs, engineering tests, and prototype iterations, we finally did it. 

A truly thin wallet that is built to last and will carry everything you need without creating bulk - all in a classic bifold design.


We used a military-spec ballistic material that is 15x stronger than steel and thinner than a razor blade. This next-gen material is the same stuff in body armor used by the military and keeps your Stealth Wallet from stretching, tearing, breaking, or wearing out.

Our wallet material is the newest breakthrough in material science and is currently used in body armor, car armor, motorcycle gear, cut-resistant gloves, mining & tow ropes, and air cargo nets in the military.

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Don't believe us? Check out a group of strong men trying to destroy the Stealth Razor Wallet.

Not only is our material strong, it’s incredibly thin & lightweight! The material itself is much thinner than a razor blade making it perfect for ultra-thin wallets.


No more stretched out wallets! We only used the best materials and stitching so you won’t have any baggy pockets after you stuff your Stealth Wallet full of cards and cash.

Stealth Wallet is made to last. From the material to the manufacturing, we made sure every aspect of the Stealth Wallet was designed, engineered, and chosen to stay strong and durable for a long time.

Stealth Wallet will last you much longer than your typical wallet and most definitely longer than other “thin” wallets.


While most slim wallets only have space for a couple cards, we refused to compromise. The Stealth Wallet’s patent-pending design uses offset card slots to optimize capacity without creating bulk. As a result, you can carry 8 cards plus cash in an ultra-thin minimalist wallet. It’s just better engineering.

Stealth Wallet can hold up to 8 cards securely in its innovative slot design. Cards can be easily seen and accessed from the slots - so you don’t have to fumble around to get the one you need!

Most wallets (even “thin” wallets) use a piece of cheap cardboard or plastic to give structure to the wallet. Stealth Wallet uses a patent-pending Exo design that lets your cards provide structure to the wallet and doesn’t need any additional internal layers to keep structural integrity. This keeps your wallet exceptionally thin, even when it’s packed!

Our structure design is completely unique to Stealth Wallet and has never been seen or used in wallets before!

Maximize accessibility and usability with card stacking. Get to your cards quickly and easily without forgetting what pocket they’re in. 


Our patent-pending ballistic bungee cash loop holds cash in place with easy removal and better cash organization. Slip cash in and out without having to fold any bills or fumble in a pocket. 

Our ballistic bungee is powerfully secure. Your cash is firmly locked in your wallet until you want to take it out. No folding needed!

The bungee lets you easily take out your cash without any fumbling, searching, or unfolding. Simply flip to find your bill and pull to remove it. Get the exact bill you need quick and easy.

You can even use your cards without taking them out with the quick card slide feature!

Our bungee loop makes it easy to search through your bills without removing them. Quickly find and grab your bill while keeping the rest of your cash tied down.


All Stealth Wallets are protected with RFID-blocking lining. This keeps your information secure from data and credit card theft. Travel safe and worry-free wherever life’s journey takes you.

Keep your ID ready at all times. Stealth Wallet comes with an ID Window so you don’t have to fumble around with your ID or mix it with your credit cards.

This is particularly unique for a slim wallet since the window usually adds thickness. We avoided this unnecessary thickness by getting rid of the plastic typically used in the window and using our special design to maintain the structure of the wallet.


Our Stealth Razor Wallet is perfect for all kinds of adventures.

Made to survive even your craziest journeys. Stealth Razor is as tough as you are and will stick with you through all of life’s adventures.

Whether you carry it with you every day or only during active moments, the Stealth Razor will never hold you back.

Stealth Razor is sweat and water resistant. The special material can actually float! This makes the Stealth Razor the best adventure wallet out there.

The Stealth Razor is also ultralight - weighing only 3.9 grams when empty. That’s lighter than a sheet of paper!

Stealth Razor is also 100% vegan and completely free of animal products for all you animal lovers!